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Walcha Off-Stream Storage

Walcha Off-Stream Storage

Early works have begun to deliver a new 300 megalitre off-stream storage dam to secure Walcha's town water supply for generations to come.

The new reservoir is being funded thanks to $9 million from the NSW Government and $2 million from the Australian Government.

Work to complete the project is being undertaken by Walcha Council, in partnership with Hunter H2O, an Australian-owned specialist water and waste-water services company.

The new dam will be the size of 120 Olympic swimming pools transforming the way water is stored to enable Walcha to better manage its water resources for residents and businesses.

The new 300 ML off-creek storage dam will be built on a small tributary of the MacDonald River 16 kilometres from the existing water supply infrastructure.

The project also includes two new pumps and small upgrades to the pipeline to connect the dam to the town water supply system.

Early works include clearing, installing permanent fencing and upgrading the road to improve access which began in June 2022. Major Construction is expected to start in July 2022 and will be finished by mid-2023.

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