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The 2024/25 NSW Budget has delivered important funding to ensure local projects will stay on track however this is despite a skin and bones budget that delivered little else for new projects.  

Member for Tamworth Kevin Anderson said it was disappointing to see the Labor Government had pulled the handbrake on any significant investment in the regions such as planning and development of a new school for Tamworth.

“I’ve been working hard to ensure our local projects get the funding they need to stay on track and are delivered for our people.

“Major projects like Gunnedah Hospital, the Tamworth Mental Health Unit, Goonoo Goonoo Road, the PET scan for Tamworth, Port Stephens Cutting all received funding in this budget which is good news, and I’ll continue to work with the government to get them across the line.”

Funding items identified in the NSW Budget include:

  • $53m Gunnedah Hospital
  • $58 Tamworth Mental Health Unit
  • $2 million for the PET scan at the cancer centre
  • $4.5m Werris Creek Industrial Precinct
  • $20.5m to upgrade Port Stephens Cutting
  • $2.5m Gunnedah TAFE
  • $40m Goonoo Goonoo Road redevelopment
  • $26m UNE Tamworth
  • Funding to upgrade Tamworth High, Woolomin Public School and Niangala Public School

“I am concerned that Labor doesn’t seem to have a vision for our region, and are only investing in projects that were created, planned and funding locked away previously.” Mr Anderson added.

“We need a greater focus on what’s next for the region to ensure that we are building the infrastructure we need for the future, not just for now.

“One of the biggest disappointments in this budget is that there has been little reprieve for community groups and not-for-profits who rely on government grants to offer programs and upgrade their facilities.

“The former government offered a range of grant opportunities such as the Stronger Country Communities Fund which empowered local groups, allowing them to grow and give back to the community.

“That’s all ended under Labor with the government keeping the money in Macquarie Street, consolidating their coffers, and robbing the regions of opportunities to invest in public amenities and infrastructure.

“That needs to change and I’ll continue to call out the government for cutting funding programs that allowed our local grassroots organisations to grow.”

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