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The Tamworth Liquor Accord have joined the Member for Tamworth and Shadow Minister for Gaming and Racing Kevin Anderson in calling for a safer working environment in hospitality venues.

Mr Anderson said the group were warning troublemakers that if they exhibited anti-social behaviour, the venues would be pushing for lengthy bans.

“A healthy community relies on hospitality workers providing their service so that we can enjoy a good night out on the town having a few drinks or a meal,” Mr Anderson said.

“While we have a good time, they’re working hard and for that, they deserve our respect.

“Unfortunately, a few troublemakers can ruin the night for everyone and following a recent incident involving assaults on venue staff, we are telling those who are violent or abusive that enough is enough.

“We are calling for lengthy bans across all local venues for anyone who assaults a hospitality worker. They don’t deserve to work in fear of violence and tougher penalties should apply to anyone who threatens, abuses or assaults anyone in their place of work.”

Tamworth Liquor Accord Chair Andrew Pieper said the accord’s aim was to ensure all patrons and staff enjoy a safe environment.

“As licensees, we have a responsibility to our patrons and staff to ensure a safe night out for everyone,” Mr Pieper said.

“If anyone impacts on that, then we’ll do what we can as an accord to work with the community and stamp out bad behaviour.

“We’ll continue to work closely with our police who have assisted us in keeping venues safe and their efforts are greatly appreciated by the Liquor Accord.”

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