Tamworth South Ambulance Station will undergo urgent maintenance works following a building assessment report Member for Tamworth Kevin Anderson announced today.


Mr Anderson said the Tamworth South Station is a major priority and he wants to see work happen quickly to ensure our paramedics are working in the best conditions possible.


“The health and safety of our paramedics is of upmost importance which is why we have been pushing to see these vital works happen.


“There are a range of maintenance issues that need to be addressed and I will continue to work closely with our local paramedics to ensure that the necessary work takes place.”


Mr Anderson said we also need to be thinking ahead about where we want to be in ten or twenty years from now and start pushing for a new Ambulance Station on a greenfield site.


“Tamworth is a growing city so we need to ensure that our emergency services staff have facilities that will cater for that growth into the future, that’s why I am pushing to see a new Ambulance Station built in Tamworth.


“The Marius Street station is well past its prime and no longer is suitable for its intended use, which is why we need to look at how we can better accommodate our paramedics in the future.


“We have worked hard to secure funding for a new fire station in Tamworth and while that work is ongoing it is timely to look at what we can be doing to ensure our paramedics have greater facilities as well,” Mr Anderson concluded.

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