Parliamentary Secretary for Regional Roads, Maritime and Transport Kevin Anderson MP is urging motorists to take care when on the road following the launch of UN Global Road Safety Week in Sydney last night.


Mr Anderson said the theme of the week is managing speed and what can be done to address speed as a contributing factor to road deaths and injuries.


“In 2016, 384 people were killed and more than 12,000 people were seriously injured in road crashed across NSW. As a nation and a state we still have a lot of work to do,” Mr Anderson said.


“These are not just numbers, they are real people who leave families and friends behind who will never be the same.


“Sadly, many of us have, or will, at some stage in our lives, experience the effects of road trauma and at a time where there are more people than usual using the roads we must endeavour to stay safe.


“There’s no such thing as safe speeding, for every kilometre you’re over the speed limit you’re not only endangering your own life, but the lives of all other road users.”


As part of UN Global Road Safety Week and to bring attention to road safety, the Sydney Harbour Bridge was last night lit up in yellow lighting which will continue for the duration of the week.


“This week will allow governments from all across the world to meet with policy makers to help find ways to reduce fatalities on our roads,” Mr Anderson said.


In addition to the historic $1.2 billion spent on road safety over the past five years, the NSW Government is also implementing a number of targeted initiatives to help address some of the emerging issues arising in the road toll:

  • Accelerating $20 million to rollout rumble strips (road markings on the side of the road that generate noise when driven over), wide centre lines and crash barriers across NSW

  • Investing $250,000 for an in-ground traffic light technology trial at key crossings in Sydney’s CBD

  • Allocating $5 million over three years for up to 200 vehicle activated signs to warn drivers when they are speeding or approaching hazards like curves.

For more information on UN Global Road Safety Week, visit https://www.unroadsafetyweek.org/en/home

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