Member for Tamworth Kevin Anderson has announced that security at Tamworth Courthouse has been strengthened with the installation of x-ray screening equipment and hand-held metal detectors.


Mr Anderson said that because of security challenges faced at the courthouse it was important to see security upgrades take place.


“The safety of those who work or attend Tamworth Courthouse is of the utmost importance which is why this much needed security equipment has been installed.


“Tamworth has a busy courthouse, in any one day there could be in excess of 150 motions before courts and we need to ensure that reasonable measures are taken to keep the large number of people in the building safe.


“We have seen previous reports of concealed weapons being taken into court rooms which is simply unacceptable. Since the new security screening measures have been put in place sheriff’s officers have been able to better identify potential security risks and take the appropriate action to deal with those risks.


“I believe there is still more that we can do to strengthen security at Tamworth Courthouse and I will be discussing this directly with the Attorney General so that anyone needing to attend the courthouse can feel safe and secure.”


Last year Tamworth Courthouse’s security was bolstered with the appointment of two new Sheriff’s Officers as part of the NSW Government’s commitment to further strengthen security at key courthouses across the state.


Mr Anderson said “Safety in our community remains one of my top priorities, whether it be the $160,000 installation of AV Links at Gunnedah Courthouse, the appointment of new Sheriff’s Officers or important security upgrades I am committed to seeing our judicial system operating safely, fairly and fast.”

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