The plea has gone out for road users in regional NSW to urgently refresh their knowledge of the road rules with new figures showing two thirds or 253 of the 384 lives lost on NSW roads last year were on country roads.


Parliamentary Secretary for Regional Roads Kevin Anderson said regional road safety was a major focus for this year’s Road Rules Awareness Week which kicks off today.


“We know there’s often as assumption in country areas that it’s out of towners who are responsible for this high road toll, but our figures show that 41 per cent of fatal crashes on regional roads involved local drivers and a further 29 per cent were other regional residents,” Mr Anderson said.


“In 2016 the fatality rate per head of population for residents in regional NSW was almost five times that for metropolitan residents.


“And while road trauma affects everyone, it is most often male drivers involved in fatal and serious injury crashes, with men accounting for 70 per cent of fatalities on regional roads.


“The key message is to slow down as speeding is the number one contributor to the NSW regional road toll.”


Mr Anderson said Roads Rules Awareness Week was the perfect time to reflect on the human element of the road toll and to encourage road users to consider how, by following road rules they can play a part in working towards a zero road toll.


“With more than 350 road rules in NSW, it pays for all road users – including motorists, motorcyclists, pedestrians and cyclists - to improve their knowledge of any road rules they’re not sure about, including new road rules or regulations,” Mr Anderson said.


The Centre for Road Safety within Transport for NSW has developed easy to understand resources like animations and infographics to help road users with some commonly misunderstood road rules, including:

  • < >

    Minimum stopping distances

  • Pedestrian safety

  • Negotiating a roundabout

  • Mobile phone laws

  • School zones

  • Bus wig wag lights

  • Use of head lights and fog lights

  • < >

    Road rules around stop signs

  • Parking in driveways

  • Road rules for interstate drivers

  • Child car seats

  • Road rules around crossing unbroken lines to enter a driveway

  • Give way to pedestrians when turning right

  • How far can you travel in a bus lane if turning right

  • Keeping left

  • Fatigue

  • Speeding around curves/ advisory speed signs

  • Metropolitan speed limits

  • Motorcycle lane filtering

  • Using headlights and fog lights

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    For more information on road rules, visit or view the NSW Road Users’ Handbook which is available in several languages, or view the complete NSW Road Rules on the New South Wales Government legislation website.

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