This week is National Carers Week, a time when we pay tribute to hardworking carers who provide ongoing, unpaid support to people who need help because of disability, mental illness, chronic or terminal illness, dementia or frail age.


National Carers Week runs from 15 October to 21 October. The Focus this year is encouraging everyone to take a moment to thank carers for their contribution.


Carers are some of the most selfless members of our community. It is often a thankless job that puts a lot of pressure on individual people.


At any time, any one of us could become an unpaid carer and as Aussies we need to ensure that we have a carer-friendly community where everyone, including carers, has a fair go.


It is estimated that the value of carers’ contribution to our nation is $60.3 billion per year, and yet they often experience social isolation and find it harder to maintain employment, enter the workforce or participate in education.


I urge you to take the time to offer your thanks to carers in our community, show them your appreciation and let them know that they are valued.

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