Member for Tamworth, Kevin Anderson said the second phase of WaterNSW’s Keepit Dam project is proving a significant economic windfall for the regional economy, with local contractors and suppliers paid more than $2.5million to date.

In addition approximately $500,000 in wages has been paid to locals employed by project construction firm SRG Limited since work began on the $24.4million second phase of the project.

The project involves installing 67 post-tensioned cable anchors – the longest of which is 88 metres long - down through the dam wall and is expected to take two and a half years to complete.

Sub-contractors from Gunnedah and Tamworth have already earned almost $1.26million for services ranging from engineering and electrical work, earthworks and concrete supply.

In addition local firms from Gunnedah and Tamworth have earned $1.25million to supply pumping equipment, metalwork fabrication, accommodation and workforce recruitment services.

Strengthening the wall at Keepit Dam will meet challenges posed by extreme floods and earthquakes. It is one of seven WaterNSW dams being upgraded to comply with NSW Dams Safety Committee standards.

The anchors will act to further increase the dam’s strength and stability so that it can safely withstand even the most extreme earthquake or flood,.

“Keepit is one of seven dams WaterNSW is upgrading to comply with safety standards for extreme floods and earthquakes. The dams are safe for day-to-day operation but require modifications to comply with contemporary standards,” Mr Anderson said.

“The Keepit Dam safety upgrade is being carried out in two packages of work; the first was completed in 2012 and involved constructing new spillways and saddle dams. Preliminary electrical relocation works have been completed for the second package of works to strengthen the dam wall that is currently underway and on schedule.

“There are two reasons for our community to be pleased about this project: firstly it ensures the dam meets the best of contemporary safety standards, and secondly – as was predicted – this project is proving to be a major economic shot in arm for surrounding communities.

“Subcontractors have been enlisted to provide important expertise, local suppliers have been called on to provide materials and services, and the local community has found job opportunities and big-project work experience and skills.

“I am also happy to report that the water level of the dam and normal water releases will not be affected by the upgrade and access to recreational areas will be maintained throughout the works,” Mr Anderson concluded.

WaterNSW has been in regular contact with recreational user groups and landowners throughout the project and will continue to keep them informed as work progresses. Regular updates will also be provided at

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