Member for Tamworth Kevin Anderson has lodged a petition on behalf of the Tamworth and District Caravan and Leisure Club containing more than 11,000 signatures, calling on the NSW Government to reduce the cost of registration for caravans.


Mr Anderson said the petition calls on the NSW Government to bring the cost of registration for caravans into line with neighbouring states.


“The petition was launched more than 12 months ago to address the unfair differences in registration costs, and has gained support from across Australia.


“Since then a review into vehicle registration initiatives was launched by RMS looking at a proposal for light vehicle registration reform in NSW.


“The Tamworth and District Caravan and Leisure Club have made a submission to the reform initiative and highlight many of the concerns outlined in the petition including the cost of registering a caravan in NSW being significantly more expensive than in neighbouring states Queensland and Victoria.


“I was proud to receive the petition, as well as a submission from the Club, now the petition will be debated on the floor of Parliament,” Mr Anderson said.


Tamworth and District Caravan and Leisure Club Secretary, Pam Wilson said residents in Queensland can register their caravans for 34 per cent of what it costs caravan owners in New South Wales, whilst those who live in Victoria can register their caravan for eight per cent of the cost for registering the same weight caravan in NSW.


“Whilst it is welcomed that revenue raised from registration and traffic infringements is directed into upgrading roads, we still need a fairer registration system.


“Often due to the unfair costs that NSW residents face, they are inclined to register their vehicles interstate,” Mrs Wilson said.  


Mr Anderson said “I look forward to bringing this issue to the attention of Parliament and I thank the Tamworth and District Caravan and Leisure Club for their efforts on behalf of other caravan owners in NSW.

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