Kevin Anderson, Nationals Member for Tamworth, today called on independent candidate Peter Draper to condemn union standover tactics used in the Tamworth electorate at the weekend.

Mr Anderson said his office today received a number of calls concerned with the behaviour of union campaigners over the weekend.

“At least one person indicated they were going to be complaining to the local returning officer and potentially the police as they felt intimidated in their own home with these thugs shouting from her front lawn,” Mr Anderson said.

“The unions have flown in thugs from out of the Tamworth electorate to bully our community into swallowing their lies and I won’t stand for it.

“We are used to the union’s bully-boy tactics and the lies they spread – I can cop that on the chin.

“But when ordinary citizens in their homes don’t feel safe then it has gone too far.

“Mr Draper is happy to accept their support, use their materials and have them advocate support for his campaign.

“Let’s see if he will turn a blind eye to these despicable tactics.

“Truth has taken a back seat in his campaign so far, let’s see if he will also put decency in there as well.

“If Mr Draper does not come out and condemn these union thugs then we know all he is worried about is getting his old job back, not the people of Tamworth.”


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