Member for Tamworth Kevin Anderson will be inspecting facilities at Gunnedah Courthouse to help identify any upgrades needed to improve safety and efficiencies for court local court proceedings.


Mr Anderson today met with NSW Attorney General Gabrielle Upton to discuss Gunnedah Courthouse and the need to ensure it is equipped with the modern technology being used at larger courthouses in NSW that improves the day to day operations for police and magistrates.


“There have been technological changes to the way the courts operate nowadays and it’s important that regional courthouses like Gunnedah’s aren’t left behind the times.


“Some of the things I will be looking at include capabilities for electronic evidence and if there is a necessity for in-person contact for prisoners, victims and witnesses.


“The safety of our community is always the greatest priority so if there are systems which help reduce the risk to the community during court proceedings then I would like to see those implemented.


“We also need to take steps to help make justice fast, fair and accessible for anyone involved in a court trial in Gunnedah.


“I want to make sure that our local police are on the streets where they belong, keeping our community safe and not see them tied up with costly prisoner transfers wherever possible.


“Further to this it’s important that we take reasonable steps to see our judicial system working as efficiently as possible.


“I will be having discussions with local police and courthouse staff to identify what technological challenges they face and what we can do to overcome those challenges and then I will be relaying that information directly to the Attorney General, the Hon Gabrielle Upton.


“I fought hard to see money committed to the upgrades of the Gunnedah Hospital and the Gunnedah Police Station and I will fight to see the Gunnedah Courthouse also brought into the times,” Mr Anderson concluded.

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