Member for Tamworth Kevin Anderson says it is time to look at upgrading the 24-year-old Tamworth Police station.  
Mr Anderson said: “The increase in police numbers in recent times has the building bursting at the seams, and now with the promise of more staff, we need to look at fixing that problem.
“The station was built in 1994 and numbers and equipment have increased substantially since then. Currently including police and support staff there are about 160 people working there in shifts.
“The Station has reached maximum capacity with police struggling to fit in and there are already two units operating in separate locations in Tamworth.
“When a building is overcrowded, it cannot function at optimum level so improving this situation is a priority for me.
“As well as more police there has also been a lot more police equipment acquired over time including new Highway Patrol Cars and finding secure space is significant problem.
“I am constantly looking at ways to support our police in their efforts to keep our communities safe. Together we have worked hard on securing more police, the next step is to work on upgrading the station.
“A number of police have made suggestions on how we can fix the problem and I am looking forward to exploring all options.
“The building is in good shape but they have simply outgrown it. Some of the suggestions have been extending the building, adding another floor, or redeveloping the interior, either way they need more space.
“I have started that discussion with the Police Minister Troy Grant who says that Tamworth Police Station would need to be identified as a priority for an upgrade and I look forward to progressing the project and getting it prioritised.
“We are right at the very start of this discussion and I am in this for the long haul as this is important to police, to the community and to me. I am focussed on keeping our communities safe,” Mr Anderson concluded.


Member for Tamworth Kevin Anderson discusses the Tamworth Police Station proposal with the Minister for Police and Emergency Services, Troy Grant.


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