While I have already put the government’s positions on the PSA’s risky disability strike clearly on record (14 Feb), some of the assertions in Troy Wright’s letter (18 Feb) cannot be left unaddressed.


Mr Wright says the PSA “exhausted every avenue” before calling the strike. Wrong. Twice the Minister for Disability Services, Ray Williams offered to meet him, and twice the offer was declined. I have also not been contacted by Mr Wright, who has instead written an open letter in the media that is full of mistruths.


Mr Wright says the government is “removing choice”. Wrong again. The whole concept of the NDIS is to allow people with disability to choose from a diverse market of disability service providers that cannot exist under a government-run model. Already 60 per cent of services in NSW are delivered by the non-government sector and they do an excellent job.


Finally, Mr Wright asserts that the NSW Government is “washing its hands of responsibility”. The NSW Government will continue to fund the system to the tune of $3 billion per annum, while ensuring all appropriate safeguards are in place to protect people with disability.


The PSA should stop talking down the NDIS to the detriment of people with disability, who are already benefiting enormously from the scheme, and those who will in the future.

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