Deputy Premier Troy Grant has congratulated the Tamworth Liquor Accord for paving the way and setting an example for liquor accords across the state.

Member for Tamworth Kevin Anderson asked in parliament what the NSW Government was doing to crack down on alcohol related violence in the first session back after the winter break on Tuesday.

Mr Grant said sensational leadership on this issue has resulted in pre-emptive steps being taken in implementing voluntary ID scanning in the city’s CBD.

“Under the leadership of Kevin Anderson and Inspector Jeff Budd we are working on a pilot with Tamworth hoteliers to ensure that they can access the specialist privacy training needed to implement an ID scanning system on a voluntary basis. That is not being imposed on them; they are looking to do it voluntarily.” Mr Grant said.

Inspector Jeff Budd from Tamworth Police Complex said across the board alcohol related crime stats are down approximately 40%, and the voluntary introduction of scanners will see even greater benefits in reducing crime.

“Every other location where scanners exist has been forced upon the premises by Authorities” Inspector Budd said.

“The premises who are introducing the scanners have formed a company so as to manage the personal information that is collected as a result of the scanning process.

“Issues were identified in relation to training of staff and in fact deficiencies in that training provided by OLGR.

“As a result I lobbied Kevin on behalf of the concerned premises and together with the Deputy Premier have achieved some changes to the online training provided by OLGR. 

“We are hopeful that this will be complete as of the 14th of August and the implementation of the scanner will begin” Inspector Budd said.

Chairman of the Tamworth & District Liquor Accord Roger Rumble said that working together has provided a good forum for hoteliers, and that the accord is supporting all venues implementing voluntary ID scanning.

Mr Anderson joined the Deputy Premier in praising the Tamworth Liquor Accord.

“I congratulate the Tamworth Liquor Accord for their great work, and will continue to work with them on cracking down on alcohol related violence and crime in the Tamworth region” Mr Anderson said.

 “This is a great model that continues to receive high praise, and has seen Tamworth lead the way in this area” Mr Anderson said.

“Tamworth is an example for the rest of the State of what people can achieve if they work together. I congratulate the member for Tamworth on his leadership.” Mr Grant concluded.

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