The fight against “ice” is a battle we can win. Now is the time to act against this insidious drug which is literally tearing individuals, their families and communities apart.


Ice is the greatest challenge facing our community in the war against drugs and no one is immune to the often horrific impacts.


On Wednesday 13th January 2016 I held the region’s first ever high level critical forum to discuss methamphetamines in our community.  The reason I held this forum is because I believe we needed to pull together stakeholders from various aspects of the community including Police, Ambulance, health workers, support workers both government and non-government and community representatives to openly discuss what is currently being done to combat the manufacture and supply of “ice” as well as identify what support services are currently available.


This meeting was highly productive and highlighted the importance for us all to work together not only to stamp out the supply of “ice” but also to ensure that victims of “ice” and their families are adequately supported and have access to services.


As a result of the forum I am now forming a local Ice Action Group to develop the education, support and rehabilitation networks that we need. A major focus of this will also be a youth forum to hear what we have to do to engage young people.


We know the devastating effects “ice” can have on families and the wider community, we hear the horrifying stories of our emergency services coming in to contact with people using the drug on a regular basis and we know that now is the time for action and change.


I would like to remind you to remain alert to signs of ice supply and manufacturing as often it’s the small efforts by community members that can lead police to major breakthroughs. A single anonymous call to Crime Stoppers can have a major impact for police and communities in tackling these drugs.


Your information could help police smash the supply of these drugs in our region and help prevent lives being destroyed.


I encourage anyone that has any information, no matter how great or small, relating to the supply or manufacture of drugs to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.


With your support I know we can make headway in the fight to claim back our community from “ice”.

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