Deer hunting regulations have been lifted across the North West Local Land Services Region to help licenced hunters assist farmers manage deer numbers.

Member for Tamworth Kevin Anderson said this is a necessary step to manage wild deer populations    

“Our farmers, the environment and community are impacted by deer through grazing, fence damage, vehicle collisions and damage to native vegetation. 

“I am passionate about the environment and I hear all too often the concerns of farmers who are having problems with feral deer.

“In this current situation of an unprecedented drought, farmers don’t want to have extra mouths to feed in the form of feral deer invading their feed lines.

“We have to manage these deer so they don’t cause further harm to farms and reserves.

“The suspension of deer hunting regulations is part of a state-wide approach to manage wild deer populations.
“Deer numbers are on the rise with a Department of Primary Industries study estimating that they have almost doubled their distribution across NSW since 2009.

 “Lifting deer hunting regulations means that seasonal restrictions on the hunting of fallow, red, wapiti and hog deer are suspended.

“The use of spotlights and other electronic devices, hunting from vehicles and hunting deer at night is allowed - except on public land declared for hunting.

“All other firearm and hunting licence requirements remain unchanged.

“I would encourage hunters interested in assisting landholders to register with the DPI Game Licensing Unit so they can be placed on a hunter register that may be accessed by landholders,” Mr Anderson concluded.

Further information about game hunting and the suspension of deer hunting regulations is available at DPI’s website; or by contacting the DPI Game Licensing Unit Customer Service Team on 02 6363 7650. 

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