Member for Tamworth Kevin Anderson has welcomed the NSW Government’s changes to liquor law reforms, saying it’s a win for our local community.


Mr Anderson said the changes which include extending takeaway alcohol sales from 10:00pm to 11:00pm will be welcomed by many locals following his calls to have the time extended.


“I’ve said it over and over, we’re in regional NSW - this is not Kings Cross, which is why I fought hard to see these opening times extended.


“There is no doubt that we need to keep our community safe and our crime levels down but I also believe it is important that good, honest, hard-working people and businesses can make an honest living.


“Our Local Liquor Accord has done an incredible job enforcing strict measures to deal with antisocial behaviour in and around licenced venues, however the 10:00pm restriction on take-away alcohol was enforced at a state level and was never part of the local strategy.


“These changes will provide simple solutions to problems that shouldn’t exist, like being able to take home an unfinished bottle of wine from a restaurant after dinner.


“Our local police, pubs and clubs know how best to run our local night-life and they should be encouraged to work with the community, rather than be dictated to from Sydney.”


Chairman of the Tamworth Local Liquor Accord Nick Weir said this is welcome news for regional communities and venues who have been calling for this change.


“This is a common sense move which was highlighted in the Callaghan Report. Regional communities have unique needs and this change will better suit those needs.”


Mr Anderson said the changes also include shifting the Three Strikes scheme from the venue to the licensee.


“The Three Strikes scheme does encourage venue operators to be more responsible however in regional NSW a lot of pubs are leased so the owner and the operator may not be the same. This change will mean that poor operators will be penalised, not the people that own the bricks and mortar who may have no involvement in the running of the premises.


“I welcome the Government’s commitment to continue looking at policy in this area and ensuring that any further changes are evidence based,” Mr Anderson concluded.


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