Member for Tamworth Kevin Anderson has welcomed the announcement that the NSW Government will add three deadly synthetic drugs to the most serious illicit drugs category.


Mr Anderson said synthetic drugs have been linked to multiple deaths so it’s important the Government acts now to reclassify these deadly substances to help keep our community safe.


“These changes mean that anyone found guilty of manufacturing or selling these synthetic drugs could face a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.


“The dangers of these toxic drugs are real and people can often be fooled by the ‘synthetic’ tag which is why we need to take steps to prevent their manufacture.


“The drugs AB-CHMINACA, AB-PINACA and AB-FUBINACA are synthetically manufactured and are usually smoked or sold as “herbal tea” for recreational use.


“These products are falsely marketed as cannabis alternatives, herbal teas and bath salts, they can cause serious negative health effects including hypertension, heart palpitations, psychiatric harm, seizures and in severe cases, death.


“I led the fight on behalf of our communities to ban synthetic drugs in 2013 with a 1500 signature petition. It’s important that we stay alert to what criminals are doing to stay in front of them and that’s why these new bans are needed.


“These changes build further on the campaign to fight back against ‘ice’ in our community which ultimately aims to stamp out the local manufacture and supply of illegal drugs.


“The local Ice Action Group is currently focusing on support for victims of ice and their families, educating people against drugs and ensuring that people have access to rehabilitation services if they require them, this is teamed with the NSW Government’s introduction of harsher penalties for large-scale dealers and new police powers to destroy illegal drugs sooner.


“Drugs in our community are not a perceived problem, it’s a real problem and we’ve got to fix it. It will take a combination of government action and localised solutions to combat the spread of illegal drugs but I am confident we are taking steps that will be instrumental in implementing the change that is needed to fight back against drugs,” Mr Anderson concluded.

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