Member for Tamworth, Kevin Anderson welcomed news that farmers in the region will have even more support when it comes to protecting their livelihood, with the Nationals in government vowing to establish an Agriculture Commissioner. 

Mr Anderson said the proposed appointment, part of the NSW Nationals’ Standing Up for Farmers scheme, will work with the Office of the Small Business Commissioner to support farmers, small timber operators and agricultural processors whenever regional ‘lawfare’ is used to threaten their right to farm.  

“This is great news for our farmers and landholders as activists continue to push their agenda and try to shutdown enterprises and in some cases promise laws that abolish breeding and rearing for slaughter or other uses.

“Too often we see and hear from ill-informed celebrities railing against the use of wool, or other agricultural products that provide jobs and livelihoods for many hundreds of people in our region.

“Our farming communities face daily threats, including increased regulation, tough seasonal conditions and the growing market power of major corporates.

“The rest of the region feels the strain when our farmers are suffering, so this announcement will empower our whole region.

“The Commissioner will fight for our dairy farmers, address the recent attack on farmers by the mischievously named Aussie Farms and will make strong policy recommendations to the NSW Nationals,” Mr Anderson concluded. 

The new Agriculture Commissioner will be supported by the necessary legislative or regulatory tools, which will be developed alongside key industry stakeholders like the NSW Farmers’ Association and Local Government NSW.

The Commissioner will also work with planning authorities to strengthen standard’s development and zoning methods and to make recommendations to government to ensure our farmers are always protected. 

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