The NSW Coalition Government has slashed the time it takes for routine low risk liquor licence applications to be processed to improve service delivery and community certainty in liquor and gaming.


Member for Tamworth Kevin Anderson used question time in Parliament today to ask Deputy Premier Troy Grant for an update on the substantial progress that has been made in this space.


“Late last year the NSW Government created a new agency called Liquor and Gaming NSW which has seen vast improvements to the way liquor licence applications are handled,” Mr Anderson said.


“Before this change the average wait time to process liquor licence applications was an astonishing 170 days and frustratingly it was not uncommon for simple applications to take much longer than that.


“When you’re a small business like a café or restaurant waiting six months for a simple application to be processed is not just inconvenient, it can be costly to your operation.


“As at today 80 per cent of licence applications are now completed within 120 days, which is a great improvement but I think this can still be greatly improved on.


“The Deputy Premier has informed me that through the independent authority we are now moving toward being able to determine low risk liquor applications for cafés, restaurants and small bars within just 45 days which could encourage more small businesses to open.


“Work is also being done to align with the Development Application part of the planning system to remove duplication, red tape and double ups.


“Strong regulations around liquor and gaming are a must, but we also need to get the balance right so that we don’t crush the social, economic and cultural aspects of our hospitality industry.


“As we build a better region we have to support our growing hospitality industry and I will continue to fight hard to ensure that small businesses are given the best opportunity to thrive without being weighed down by bureaucracy and red tape,” Mr Anderson concluded.

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